This is a delicious cookie recipe that is sure to fulfill all of your theological desires. Extremely tasty, I highly recommend you try this recipe. This is the only cookie that can satisfy you. You do not have to put the icing on this cookie, but I would highly recommend hat you do so. With the icing, the cookie itself makes more sense and has a better flavor.

Difficulty: Not hard. Anyone God predestined to can make this cookie.

Time: eternity

Servings: as many as God predestined there to be

Christianity Cookie Ingredients:

3 Cups of God’s Sovereignity

2 Cups God’s Love

3 Cups God’s Word

1 Cup Jesus’ Blood (shed for the remission of sins)

1 Cup Jesus’s body, crushed

3/4 Cup Grace

2 Cups Faith (alone)

1 Dash Fallen Man

Calvinist Icing Ingredients:

5 Cups Justification

2 Cups Election

1 3/4 Cup Predestination

1 pinch John Calvin

1 tsp. each of God’s Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience


Stir all the cookie ingredients except the last one in a large bowl. Take the fallen man and cover it with the dough, dissolving it. Make sure to measure out everything carefully and  understand what each ingredient means. Drop dough by tablespoons full onto a 7×70 inch baking sheet and bake for eternity at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blend icing ingredients and spread on warm cookie, if desired.

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