I guess with a blog I’m expected to have an introduction post, so here goes. I’m actually really not sure how to do this.

I think I already messed up because I’ve already written a post before this one so this isn’t even the first post. So is this even really an introduction post?

Please, readers, try to look past my grevious error. I am better than that, and maybe if you keep reading I’ll prove it to you.

Continuing on.

Ahem. So. This blog. This blog will be pretty good I think (is this how you do an introduction post?). It will be about theology and Calvinism and will also have some recipes thrown in the mix. I also may talk about recipes for Calvinism and how to bake cookies made of sound doctrine.

In this blog I hope that some of my insights will help you to understand certain topics better. I hope I can give you some insight and maybe some understanding. This blog is not just for you, but also for me. I will be learning right along with you!

Thanks for checking out this blog. I hope you stop by again sometime.

I hope this was an okay introduction. If not, I’m sincerely sorry, guess I don’t really know what I’m doing.

So yeah. Bye I guess.

Also, here’s this picture I found online.

IMG_5893 (1)

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